Wealth of a New Nation

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Gods above presidency
Only gods are above the executive presidency. That is why Ranil suddenly went on pilgrimage to Sri Krishna Kovil in Kerala, some people say.

Denim, Saree, Gown, UNP and SLFP
The most fierce fight is not between MaithrI and Mahinda or between any other two persons, but between the denim and the saree. But if you want you can take SLFP as denim, UNP as Saree and JVP as gown. But the gown has already lost the battle.

Do not try
Happiness is a childish feeling and sadness too. So do not try to be happy because then you will not be sad.

Kadawuna Poronduwa II (Broken promise II)
ASP has locked the gates of Peacock Mansion, and said that he would not give it to MR. out or outside in
Mahinda lost Peacock mansion outside the Diyawannawa but his supporters have taken the mansion inside Diyawanna.

Siri Ayya is a 360o man
Derana invited Somawansa in order to auction him. But Somawansa liquidated Derana. At the age of 71 this is a remarkable achievement.

May god bless you dear Ranil
Ranil is not ready to kneel before the people to get their support but is ever ready to kneel before gods to get their support. So he went to Kerala.  It makes sense because it is difficult to understand the motives and behavior of people. And this is not the fault of Gods but that of the people and Ranil is right again. So may God bless dear Ranil.

Are there foreign gods?
The foreign gods are trustworthy than local gods for Mahinda, Maithree and Ranil. I think this is a tragedy. But anyway you can say that unlike us, these gods are not citizens of a single country.

A question
Is Chinese money more powerful than South Indian gods?

God bless the parliament too.

Final decision
A country does not need a constitution. A country does not need laws. But a country needs bribes. Without bribes a country is nothing and cannot move. So before the constitution is amended, let us legalize bribes.

Situation report
Diyawannawa Prison and Welikada Parliament.

Sarath Fonseka Mw
Sarath Fonseka Mw has been opened for Basil too.

Today there are no citizens, just political animals.

Hopefulness and hopelessness has been mixed up to the extent that hopelessness has become hopefulness. So everyone is mad or close to insanity.
Andre Smith (Grandson of Adam Smith)

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