Wealth of New Nation

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I am talking because I have nothing to say.

I am writing because I have nothing to write.

I am working because I have nothing to do.
Sarath Fonseka did it the right way. All others turned their imprisonment into hospitalization.

Hero at all times
Sarath was hero in the battlefield, in politics and in the prison. Basil was hero at the Cabinet but not at the prison.

One and only Saratha Weera
Sarath Weera is in need of fresh beginning as he has done nothing new during his tenure as MP and deputy minister. Now by voting against the 19th he can start afresh.  He could also have an honorable retirement from politics.

Ready to listen
We are always ready to listen to ourselves. That is why we love to talk as much as possible.

Darkness and light
When there is light you want darkness. When there is darkness you want light. In other words, when you are in light darkness is your light.

Ideology is a weak point
All need ideologies to cover their weak points. That is why all love their ideologies so much and sometimes love them more than their lives.

Mobile beggars
You meet more beggars on your phone than you meet at bus halts, in trains or at traffic lights. Wayside beggars are far more innocent.

Watching news
We want keep our eyes shut and see the news.

Our plight
We are awake only when we are sleeping. That is why it is hard for us to sleep today. In short, we do not want to be woken.

Look and listen
The voice of a lady over the phone doesn’t help us assess her beauty. At the same time, we cannot judge the nature of a lady just seeing her and not hearing her speak. But when seeing and hearing combines, we can obtain a better judgment. This knowledge increases with the time and with it increases disappointment.

Don’t let your eyes or ears define beauty.

A writer obtains fame by defaming the famous. If a writer is in need of something he has to praise the opposite. So, by praising poverty many writers become wealthy. By praising innocence, many writers have become powerful. By praising simplicity many writers have acquired a luxurious life. Praising isolation they got company and love. So writers are folk who do the opposite of what they want and get it.

19th  amendment
JR gets the first demotion after 37 years.

Maithri first gave a promotion to Sarath. Then  gave a promotion to Ranil too. But he demoted himself.

Agamethi Gemunu
The prime minster post looks more attractive now with the more powers. So, after the film Maharaja Gemunu you may have chance to see the film Agamathi Gemunu or Madamulana Agamathi.

New Hollywood film
But a new Hollywood film, Agamathi Wickremesinghe, might be more popular than the Chinese film, Madamulana Agamathi. After all, US products are still more durable than Chinese ones.

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