Wealth of New Nation

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A live film
She was looking at another, and not at me and acting before the cameras of his eyes. So, I got the rare chance of watching a live romantic film.

Paradigm shift
You can take a country onto the right path but not a woman.

No, this is not about Chandrika. After all, I salute her for making Mahinda understand who Mervyn is. To be honest most of the men around Mahinda are more or less like Mervyn.  Mahinda had been surrounded by ‘Mervyns’.

Paradigm Shift 2
Youth believe that they can change a girl. When they are not successful they kill themselves or kill her without going for a paradigm shift or in other words changing the ideology.

Sanna Upul
Sanna Upul is reading politics lightly. Wimal did this earlier using patriotism. Upul is providing an alternate ‘light reading’.  It’s his own creation.  In this sense Upul is another Marx.

Beautiful ladies and clever writers
Beautiful ladies want others to look at them. Clever writers want others to read them. Great talkers want others to hear them. Same mentality in different personalities or in different contexts.

Save for the future
Do not consume all your happiness today. Leave or save a part for tomorrow. If you continue in this manner you will be able to save some happiness for the next birth also and can have a better birth.

Beware of your own eyes
Your eyes show you others. But they do not show you yourself. In other words, they divert attention from you to others. So try to evade your vision.

A giant screen
What is a face? It is a giant screen for small feelings and thoughts. So, do not be deceived by the giant visuals of tiny ideas or small feelings.

Have a rest
If our eyes have something to rest on we do not need a seat to rest on. This is what usually happens at buses, bus halts, trains and in many other places.

You are the god who creates your world
God created the world. We create the moments. But the world is made of moments. So, we are gods too. We are creating the world we live in.

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