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We are the most fortunate
Our government thinks about us, the Sri Lankan public. Not just our government, many foreign governments like those of the USA and UK also think about us. We might very well be the most fortunate people in the whole world.

Ayyo Sirisena
Some people want to make Maithripala Sirisena, I.O Sirisena (Ayyo). We wish and hope it will never happen because we love him as a leader who emerged from the common people and a leader who has not forgotten the fact.

Beware of your children or in other words sons and daughters.

The most innocent pet
A poor man said, ‘I cannot afford any pets except cockroaches’. But I am sure that he is a more innocent person than the well-bred lass who shrieks when a cockroach appears as if a devil has come.

Nothing new to experience
You can find both heaven and hell in your home. So you will not have a new experience in heaven or in hell even if you go to either place.

Effort and result
In our effort to build an identity for ourselves we lose our identity.

Nivaad and Nivaadu
Ajith niwaadu, dan Kabral weda.

Beware of fathers
The sons do not know the value of their fathers. Many sons have proved this in recent times, the latest being Daham putha.

Writing and doing
When we have something to do, we cannot write anything. When we have nothing to do, we can write something.

Senior children
Have you seen them? Old children. I think you see only old children these days. You will not find young men or older men but old children everywhere. Here everywhere means everywhere from marketplace to highest institutions.

Rights of the gods and human rights
Western people, who had have violated the rights of the gods now, are talking about human rights.

White Fundamentalists and us
White Fundamentalism created Muslim Fundamentalism or Muslims learnt fundamentalism from the whites or develop their fundamentalism looking at white people. Muslim Fundamentalism created Hindu Fundamentalism in India. Today, all over the world a wave of fundamentalism is spreading and I think Sri Lanka is not an exception. I think whites should take the first step to eradicate fundamentalism from the earth by giving up their fundamentalism first.

Our fight
Sinhalese are not fundamentalists. We should fight against fundamentalism without becoming fundamentalists.

All are prisoners of their friends
Enemies set you free.  Friends imprison you. Then who are your real enemies?

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