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Dilshan Boange

I can still recall as fragments, the first ‘conversation’ I had with Justice Raja Sirimevan Wanasundera PC. The crux of it was that a coca cola TV advertisement (from the USA aired back in the 1980s) showed a man who looked exactly like him. I was a preschooler then. The ‘conversation’ was in the dining room

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The romantic ideal of an unspoilt village, pristine and preserved in the olden ways is fast becoming a nostalgic allusion in an era where a generation gap is becoming more and more undeniably pronounced; and in that pronouncement becoming almost insolent in expunging the village of yesteryear from the reality of tomorrow.

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The latest work of fiction by veteran Sinhala writer Dr Gunadasa Amarasekara Roopantharanaya, hewath Somadevage sankranthiy; is an easy to read narrative running 104 pages, bringing out the socio political critique objective characteristic of the author. The novel can be seen in certain respects as a consequence of the country’s political landscape that unfolded over the past few decades to what has been realized today. From another more social conscious angle this work creates a narrative for society to take an introspective look at what shapes the politics of men who chart destinies for themselves and consequently for others.

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Does charity beget merit to the giver or merely more ‘charity worthy’ cases in today’s Sri Lanka? The amount of rupees doled out to a grieving vagrant on a bus running either within a city or between cities is remarkable if one cares to keep an eye open when they walk down the aisle with outstretched hands appealing to the generosity of the passengers, having delivered a discourse on their present plight and their tale of woe that betided them. 

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Do you say ‘thank you’ to the bus conductor? I am serious with my question though it may sound ridiculous from an everyday point of what marks the norm amongst us as citizens of Sri Lanka. I thought of bringing up this question in today’s column because perhaps it’s worth investigating to check how our own civic mindedness could be bettered? We are after all known to the world as a nation of friendly courteous people, am I not right? And the bus is always a place where the good citizens of our country could hope for some better ‘people skills’ to be in operation amongst all people concerned.  This idea came in me based on two things –one is a certain incident that happened several years ago and the other a practice of courtesy I developed.

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Are you a music fan? Is there a set of songs you feel speaks to you in terms of saying ‘who you are’? I guess when we hear a piece like that we feel something of our (inner) self has been understood by someone whom we probably have never met nor ever will likely to meet. So yes, there are those songs that in their melodious catchy beats with emotive word compositions that can tell us in a moment of poetry in rhythmic motion

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I am a Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhist. I know the millions who would openly subscribe to my national-ethno-religious classification will agree the temple of ‘the most sacred tooth relic’ (I for one do not subscribe to the mere ‘temple of the tooth’ term of the Colonial British) –the Dalada Maligawa is the most sanctified temple to all Buddhist. And by this dear reader I mean no ethno or national demarcations should apply in respect of the significance the Dalada Maligawa holds to those who consider themselves to be Buddhists.

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Generally speaking there is a tendency amongst us Sri Lankan citizens to complain about the lack of efficiency in the public sector services and systems. It’s come to a point that it’s almost dogmatic. In the hierarchies of the public service the most rudimentary rung would be the Grama Niladhari officer I believe. Yet somehow he isn’t the most close to home person to everyone living in urban locales; I believe there is some truth to this...

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Salutations and warm wishes for a wonderful New Year dear reader to you and all who matter in your life, as what was once the tomorrow of 2012 has become our today, today. Sunday is generally a day to laze and relax and today in all its newness of a year dawned just hours ago can surely afford just that. So, can we assume there is something to smile about very blissfully this Sunday as we enter 2012? I certainly hope so, and I hope further that the smile we may be afforded today on the first day of the New Year the first day of the week can be carried forth to the tomorrows that will dawn successively.

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