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Painted Goose - Dharshanie Ratnawalli

“There are Brahmi inscriptions at Jailani dating to the second century BC, but they appear to assert territorial claims by local political chieftains. According to Aboosally (2002: 62-3) there is no evidence that the site was ever dedicated to the Buddhist Sangha.”- Dennis McGilvray, ‘Jailani: A Sufi Shrine in Sri Lanka’

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Stupidity is no stranger to academia. It lurks behind reputed and respected scholarly facades and waits for the owner of the façade to lower his or her guard. Then it comes out, so brazenly and without apology that one is struck speechless. Recently I had occasion to be entranced by the outing of (the stupidities of) Dennis MCGilvray and

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I surmise that Dennis McGilvray came into the orbit of the Aboosally family through his researches into the matrilineality of the Tamil and Muslim communities of the east coast of Sri Lanka. MLM Aboosally’s wife came from the matrilineal east coast town of Kalmunai. My hypothesis is that on the strength of these connections, this American scholar was hired by


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In Archeology there is a novel concept called ‘Public Participatory Interactive multi cultural Museum and Site Presentation’, applicable to sites with multiple heritages. This involves being inclusive of all available heritage components in presenting the identity of a site. Kuragala presents the typical layered heritage pattern. Reason 1- It is a pre-historic habitat of Homo sapiens balangodensis.

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I am the legitimate issue of a woman who unabashedly claims to admire the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS). This affords me a critical perspective into the issue, without which everyone is floundering like headless chickens. There may be other people, whose mothers, etc. harbor soft spots for the BBS. But because they are not me, they would either try to

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Leslie (RALH) Gunawardana, (not to be confused with Vivien’s husband Leslie Goonewardena) was a historian specializing in the ancient period (500 BC to 1232 AD) of Sri Lankan history. He was a historical revisionist who aspired for admiration from a certain school and got it. His 1979 essay, “The People of the Lion” was reprinted in the Social Scientists’ Association (1984) and became a

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We have a bit of a situation over the Youth Indian connection with the dawn of civilization in Lanka. The Mahavansa traces the civilization impulse to North India. While the historical revisionist school wants us to stop being fixated with this hackneyed North Indian and get in touch with our inner South Indian (read inner Tamil nowadays under dictates of

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“Given that possession of a historical homeland helps solidify nationalism, it is hardly surprising that both the Sinhalese and the Tamils claim to be the island’s original settlers. The Sinhalese claim that their Aryan North Indian ancestors were the first settlers to reach Sri Lanka’s shores, almost 2,500 years ago…The Tamils, on the other hand, claim that their Dravidian South Indian ancestors first settled on the island.”

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Today the vast majority of common people in Sri Lanka can distinguish between a language and its script. They may not be able to articulate what the difference is, but instinctively they know. I surmise that this instinctive knowledge came with their exposure to European languages, where the Latin script is used to write a multitude of different languages. If

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“When it comes to ancient history, historical linguistics and such matters, surprisingly little is known in any tangible sense although much is claimed by the practitioners of such studies. We are not questioning the importance of such studies. But we insist that where little is known, little is known.”So says Chandre Dharmawardana that famous emissary from exact sciences arrived

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