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Sanjana Hattotuwa

In 2008, your columnist was in New York for Super Tuesday as well as the day Obama won the election. On Super Tuesday, Obama was still a candidate, battling the Clintons and others within his own party to secure his candidature. Later that year, when CNN called the election just after 11pm, there wasn’t a single person in Times

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How does one resist State terror? Counter-terror was tried, and failed, for it only made State terror worse, and more pervasive. The relatively non-violent rallies and demonstrations over democracy deficits in and around the Fort Railway Station and Lipton Circus spring to mind, if only because everyone over at least two generations has either witnessed them in person, learnt of

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The Rajapaksa Government will fall and several in it will have to answer allegations of war crimes. There are many, who will disagree with both assertions, indeed, violently and with the usual rhetoric. The animating logic behind regime longevity, seen from within government, is that the international community will forget Nandikadal in May 2009.
This is unlikely.

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Your columnist no longer reads a newspaper daily, in print. For the most part, it began as a logistical necessity. Given frequent travel abroad, it was very difficult to accurately monitor dues after stopping and re-starting newspaper delivery several times during a billing cycle. The quality of mainstream media and the rising price of newsprint was another issue.

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Recent events in Tamil Nadu demonstrate the risk inherent in what most suggest is the Rajapaksa regime’s LLRC gambit – to drag on a process of enfeebled accountability and reductive reconciliation until the sections of the international community interested in independent, international investigations into allegations of war crimes lose interest, shift focus or both. A little time coupled with support from

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The Economist has already run two key stories on the on-going FUTA agitation, it is a clear sign of how much the world is focussing in on Sri Lanka’s unprecedented debacle of education.Lest we forget, Universities in Sri Lanka remain closed, the entry of students to tertiary education is in an unholy mess, we have done away with basic IT literacy

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ITN’s website on Thursday featured a story on the caring side of government, if this wasn’t already evident to citizens.  It noted, “There have been continuous complaints from the general public about certain websites publishing malicious, defamatory and row (sic) filth and stories harming the characters of certain people.  Therefore, it has become necessary to protect the dignity of the general public being victimized by these filthy websites”.

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There is in Sri Lanka an Information and Communications Technology Agency. There are also Ministries of Science and Technology, Mass Media and Information, Telecommunication and Information Technology and incredibly, Technology and Research. In addition, we have the Department of Government Information. Finally, there is a National Science and Technology Commission.

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Six years ago, when bilateral and multilateral donors, representatives from the UN system, local NGOs and other humanitarian actors met weekly to share concerns and situational awareness over the war and human displacement, I was invited to address them at one of their meetings. I started in a novel fashion, by saying aloud the worst expletives imaginable. I then stopped, and looked around.

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The successful efforts to prevent Mahinda Rajapaksa from speaking at the Commonwealth Economic Forum in London, were, I believe, ill-advised and wrong.  Firstly, I derive little pleasure from the public humiliation of Mahinda Rajapaksa. This is the second time he has faced a trenchant protests in England that have forced him to cancel very high profile public engagements.

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