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Shenali Waduge

In the absence of self-regulation by mass media and communication channels there is a need for content analysis by a competent and unbiased team. The scale of lies, fabrication and distortion is not a local experience only. We have come to a stage where people cannot trust international media. Much of the current state of media as a result of the influence

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What do Sambanthan, Premachandran, Senathirajah and Sreetharan all have in common? Apart from being partners of an unregistered alliance called the Tamil National Alliance, they are all former mouthpieces of the separatist agenda and they continue to be the obstacle to allowing people to start life afresh as that would mean an end to their own existence politically.

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The extent to which the leaders handling India-Sri Lanka affairs have mishandled the situation is evident by the fact that whilst the entire country is in agreement that India should have no piece of the peace dividend, opening too many doors to India has left India demanding more than it deserves and projecting itself as an aggrieved party for not been

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