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The sudden death of a doctor while undergoing cosmetic surgery has raised serious concerns regarding the licensing of medical specialists in the country and is an issue which requires urgent remedial measures.
The death occurred during preparation for cosmetic surgery at a private clinic by a doctor who claimed to be a “specialist”. These credentials are now being questioned:

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The date for the Uva Provincial Council elections have been announced but it is clear that the poll is merely a dress rehearsal for the major national elections - presidential and general - which are both due in 2016 but are very likely to be held next year, with the presidential election taking precedence.That has thrown up the scenario of the ‘common

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The battle lines are being drawn for the last in a series of provincial council elections. The polls in the Uva province in September will serve as a crucial barometer to both the government and the opposition who are keen to test the political waters before the general and presidential elections.The two national elections are due only in 2016. However, there

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In a move that caught many by surprise the government last week announced it was appointing three ‘international experts’ to advise the Presidential Commission to Investigate Complaints Regarding Missing Persons. It is a step that calls into question the government’s long-term stance on the issue.The announcement itself was a low-key affair. It was attributed to an unnamed

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The public spat between United National Party (UNP) parliamentarian Harin Fernando and ex-UNPer and now Chief Minister of the North Western Province Dayasiri Jayasekera during a television talk show last week highlights the changing trends in the local political landscape.Such incidents are not entirely new. There is the anecdote of how M. S. Themis, returned to Parliament after the 1956...

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South African Vice-President Cyril Ramaphosa this week joined a long list of special envoys tasked with bringing about lasting peace in Sri Lanka through ethnic reconciliation and arrived in the country on Monday, generating a domestic political controversy in the process.Peace envoys for Sri Lanka have been many and have come from different continents.

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The communal fires at Aluthgama may have been doused but Sri Lanka faces an uphill task in convincing the rest of the world that its ethnic issues are being redressed, as the country gears for an inquiry by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).The riots at Aluthgama could not have come at a worse time for the government

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The events of the past few weeks culminating in racial riots in Aluthgama that left at least two persons dead has brought into focus the changing role of the Buddhist clergy in national politics. This also comes at a time when two Buddhist monks are seeking to become presidential candidates.In the limelight is Galagoda aththe Gnanasaara Thera, the

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The recent events at Aluthgama where a minor incident flared into racial riots that left two people dead, dozens injured and many properties burnt to the ground are a sinister sign that ethnic harmony in the country is a distant dream at this point in time.Many questions are being asked about the incident itself, the most pertinent among them

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The next battle of Sri Lanka’s war with the United Nations Human Rights Councils (UNHRC) began this week with the UN agency informing the Sri Lankan government that an international panel has been appointed to inquire into alleged war crimes allegations in Sri Lanka.Colombo has been informed that Sylvia Cartwright, a former Governor General of New Zealand and Sandra Beidas,

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