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The sexual assault and mutilation of a young student in Delhi has drawn condemnation by capitalist mass-media, world over. Even the UN’s Moon flashed his selective beams on how Indians cast women. There was less coverage of the pushing and crushing by an oncoming New York subway-train of an Indian man on December 27, by a white woman. Erika Menendez

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Los-Angeles’ Koreatown suffered severe urban warfare during the 1992 Rodney King ‘riots’ or assault-cover-up. Over 15,000 military and federal officers with 2,000 military Humvees, 20 M1A1-Abrams tanks, five AH-64-Apache helicopters, and hovering F-15 fighters, augmented 16,000 police officers – but only to defend wealthier white enclaves of the USA’s second-most-populous city.

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Their world did not end last week, regrettably so the next Bank-of-England Governor is still Mark Carney, Bank-of-Canada Governor and G20 Financial-Stability-Board Chairman. Hip-hip-hurrahed as a model of English transparency and inclusivity, Carney’s appointment is incest incarnate! Incest not just because Canada remains a settler-colony with England’s Queen their Head-o’-State. Forget nationality,

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 The Dutch were blockading the ports to strangle Kandy’s economy. The English kept repeatedly entering Lanka’s waters for the first time, 1746-63, as English and French East India Companies – “sought to subjugate the Carnatic under the guise of supporting different local pretenders to the principality.”Numerous ‘ethnic’ histories can be written, each based on whatever ‘pretence’ is pretended at any given

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First usage of ‘anthropology’ is credited to François Peron, who in 1801 began collecting over 100,000 ‘zoological specimens’ in strategic Tasmania. By 1830, England had murdered almost all Tasmanians. White children soon learned only of ‘Tasmanian Devils!’ – Anthropology had notched its first ‘success’!

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Elaine Dewar’s book Cloak of Green digs into a star-studded Toronto fundraiser to ‘Save the Rainforest’, soon untangling roots linking the world’s worst polluters (oilman Rockefeller, carman Ford) to major environmental groups (World Wildlife Fund, IUCN, Friends of the Earth, etc.).Dewar details how capitalists hijacked the ‘Environmental Movement’, how iNGOs germinated, how corporate priorities were fast-tracked within various struggles to

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Nine years after Lanka’s Second War of Independence of 1848, English supremacism was shattered again: ‘Hindu and Muslim sepoys’ united to launch India’s First War of Independence. The Indian army, the largest colonial employer, of over 250,000 people, grabbed 33%-50% of revenue. Their ‘pampered sepoys’ had outnumbered whites almost nine to one.

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Wind and water vie with war and disemployment to proliferate paranoia. Disasters gift CNN, BBC (Al Jazeera) and other capitalist media with bonanzas-per-second. Weather even distracted the fandango to elect the world’s Number One Hitman. Yet it drowned not the drones raining down murder in the white-man’s killing-fields. So when the world’s richest megapolis gargles underwater,

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Only certain little girls matter to the English and their BBC. Diverting from the rape of hundreds of English children in BBC studios for decades by ‘Monster DJ’ Sir Jimmy Saville – another OBE, whom Margaret Thatcher deemed “marvelous,” they shower hospital care on one Pakistani girl allegedly shot by turbaned Taliban for demanding the right to education.

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Many seek history and the future in rocks, inanimate ruins or stars. Yaka looks to our people’s faces and bodies. For it is in our eyes and muscles and complexions that rise not just the mornings’ suns, but registers all that has shaped us: Cipher of our fears and dreams, our yesterdays, our tomorrows. In the way we walk, in

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