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Voice of people at Nugegoda

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(The people assembled at Nugegoda rally raised a cry for a just cause: bring back our Mahinda to us) (The people assembled at Nugegoda rally raised a cry for a just cause: bring back our Mahinda to us)

The voice of people is the voice of god, so declared the famous saying in the Western political thoughts, probably harking back to the days of French Revolution. The people assembled at Nugegoda rally, strange enough appeared, to express the similar sentiments, a cry for a just cause: bring back our Mahinda to us. It was certainly not for a bloody revolution, though a news-paper referred to it as ‘a revolt’ .But really, it was for a democratic process. The writer, Bernard D. has dealt with this event, quite well, in the article entitled, ‘Nugegoda Rally-the message it conveyed’ which appeared in THE NATION on Feb. 22.  I roamed about for nearly two hours in the rally grounds, during its active phase and hanged out in the town when  the rally was over, enjoying a cool beer at a pub nearby, just to get some idea about the rally. The pub was filled to capacity with people who had attended the rally. They were a young crowd with a few elders, most from Colombo and surrounding areas. They expressed their feelings quite openly and wanted to share them with me. They were city workers, residents in Maharagama, Pannipitiya, Kottawa and Nugegoda and few other places. I like to share with the readers what I gathered from these persons as well as others who participated at the rally.

All of them said that they had never seen such a large meeting in recent times and they all came because they ‘love’ Mahinda, they want him back to ‘lead the country’. They were very sad that that ‘Mahinda’ lost by ‘ such a small’ number, most said it was the result of a ‘conspiracy’, big money might have been used in the election to  defeat  Mahinda as a president. They want Mahinda back in politics and continue to develop the country. Further they explained how they suffered during the LTTE’s bomb- explosions in the country, the fear of death and risk of life when, working in the city. They recalled the utter fear with which they traveled in buses and trains and how quickly Mahinda’s government began to develop the country after the war. They all wanted Mahinda to be back in position to continue the good work in developing the country.

Mahinda had lost the presidential election only by small margin and it would be great loss to the country if all that good work came to a standstill, through a few hundred thousands of dissenting votes, probably engineered by a well planned conspiracy of some sort. People said that foreign money would have been heavily used in this. Of course one cannot deny this they said, even though there is no solid evidence. This is not far-fetched the young fellows explained pointing out that a prime mover  has the audacity to say in public, in a television interview, that she was  working it out for years, since 2012, using a few trust-worthy  retired senior public officers’ as foot-men. A small clique of Colombo based, ex-politicos, together with the NGO gang engaged in separatist politics, and being well funded by few foreign embassies in Colombo are involved in this conspiracy. An essential part of it was to get communal votes against Mahinda. The communal vote was not free voting. It is prearranged, dictated and would even have been bought over by racial politics brought into being. Big money would have been used for the purpose. These communal political forces appeared to work in cohort with each other, pursuing a separatist agenda of their own in recent months. The UNP leadership, hell bent on capturing power, by any means, fell in line with the renegades of Lankan politics, undermining the democratic process in the country. That indeed was the cry of the people attending that rally.

It is very sad that SLFP, a people based political organization in Sri Lanka, which had contributed so much towards changing the nation’s psyche from a dependent colonial mentality to a self-reliant and sovereign state of being following a non-aligned foreign policy, had suddenly become a victim to geo-politics of some sort afflicting the South Asian region. The pioneers of SLFP had sacrificed their lives for these noble objectives of our nation. Sri Lanka is blessed with a strategic location in Indian Ocean, nature given beauty and a good resource base, an intelligent and potentially creative people, and a proud history, not second any. The country only wanted an effective leader to develop the nation, by decisively defeating the Northern terrorists. The country had failed earlier, largely due to weak and ineffective leadership. The economy was slipping down for the last 30 odd years due to the separatist civil war and the fear psychosis it generated in many parts of the island. The fact that Mahinda Rajapaksa was elected in 2005 to clear the terrorist menace and   to develop the country was an undeniable political fact. That Mahinda achieved it in record time and was on fast track to transform the economy was also fact and not fiction. In January 2015, he wanted another term of 6 years, to complete the major projects undertaken. When the enmass of people were supporting him and he was on the way to victory, by popular vote, in an unfretted atmosphere in the country, suddenly in just few days before the voting, the conspiracy that had taken root already, went into action using the minorities, to vote against Mahinda en-block  in the north, east and in the plantation districts. The voting   pattern shows this very clearly. Elsewhere the false propaganda had turned a certain percentage of young voters to vote against Mahinda. All this indicates how Mahinda lost by such a small margin. To cover up the razor thin victory, the group that hatched the conspiracy, according to the people that gathered, is now going hell for leather on a witch-hunt to show that Mahinda was corrupt, when they are unable to say anything else. The conspirators claim that they are saviours of the nation. People have to ask a simple question: do they want stability, peace and development or confusion and another period of waiting. The vast crowd at Nugegoda rally had answered the question very effectively: they want Mahinda back in the driving seat steering the country on the high road to successful economic development and to hell with conspiratorial politics.

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