Super antibiotic found in soil

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In tests, the medicine rapidly cured infections that should have been fatal, including bugs that damage the heart. It could be a powerful weapon in the war against antibiotic resistance, which has seen once minor infections become deadly after finding ways of evading the drugs.

The new drug, which has been named teixobactin, was discovered after British, German and American scientists went back to basics and studied bacteria from a grassy field in Maine in the US. Convinced that soil holds more secrets, researchers from Northeastern University in Boston devised a gadget that allowed them to grow and study cells in their native earth, the journal Nature reported. Of the 10,000 types of bacteria that grew, 25 pumped out substances that could potentially be used as antibiotics including teixobactin, which was the most promising.

In tests on mice, it killed a wide range of bacteria, including the hospital superbug MRSA.                 
Daily Mail

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