Christ Church Mirihana celebrates 125 years

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Christ Church Mirihana jubilantly held its 125th anniversary on April 7. A Festal Service will be held on April 11 (Saturday). The little church was built when a group of practicing Christians living in Mirihana, headed by the members of the Christian Missionary movement in Mirihana, felt that the Christian community needed a place of worship.

A Christian without a church is like an organ without a body. Realizing this, Joseph de Silva offered 11 perches of land from his property ‘The Mirihana Walawwa’ (now the Mirihana Police Station) for the construction of the church. When completed it was a beautiful little building. Rt. Rev RS Copleston, the then Bishop of Colombo conducted a dedication service on April 7, 1890.

Christ Church Mirihana became an independent parish in 1998, and its first parish Priest was Fr. Emmanuel Gnanapragasam. Prior to 1998, more than 10 Priests have served the congregation. At present, under the leadership of Fr. Asiri Fernando Jayasuriya the church is growing rapidly and is becoming a spiritual home for many families in the area.

Currently, Christ Church Mirihana is a worshipping community of progressive Christians who represent diverse ethnicities, age groups and interests. It is a place of authentic fellowship. Every Sunday, the congregation meets for genuine heart-to conversations over coffee and refreshments.

The Christ Church Mirihana Sunday School has been blessed with a dynamic group of teachers, who are committed to teaching children principles of life. For many children and adolescents in the area, the Sunday School has become a lab for practicing unselfish loving, honest sharing, practical serving, sacrificial giving and sympathetic comforting.

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