Niyangala Premaya calls for stage shows

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Academic players of the University of Kelaniya, call out for the organizers who are interested in having the play Niyangala Premaya at their event. Niyangala Premaya is a translation of Spanish Dramatist, Federico Garcia Lorca’s The Blood Wedding.

Some themes present in Niyangala Premaya are the cycle of life, the progression of time, choice, deception, fate, and nature. The cycle of life and progression of time are illustrated by the simple fact that the entire play is devoted to a wedding. The process of marriage in every culture marks the concrete and tangible evidence of a passage from childhood to adulthood, and a progression through life and time.

 The drama is directed by John Dinesh Sandaruwan and Sudesha Lakmali. Music of the drama is directed by Lahiru Madivela, and original script was translated to Sinhala by Hemamali Gurusinghe.

Call now for stage shows -
Dinesh - 0713644363
Tharindu - 0718479288

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