Reconciliation through the National Flag

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The new govenlment which is meant for a remarkable difference has announced that an extensive-awareness program will be conducted at school level to make national reconciliation and unity a reality, through the National Flag.

The program which is to be launched immediately is a sensible move and should be appreciated, and supported by everybody who sincerely expect an meaningful reconciliation among the people and an eflecti ve reunification of the country.

The present  National Flag is in fact a mischievously distorted one that would lead to dismtegration of the Nation. It is not the National Flag that had been used from time  immemorial in this country. The National Flag of the country is the Lion Flag, which was hoisted not only by Rev Variyapola Sumangala Thera on that fateful day of March 2,1815 where the trusteeship of the country was handed over to  the British, but also by Prime Minister D S Senanayaka on February 4, 1948 when the trusteeship of the country was transferred back to the government of this country.

The Narional Flag of the COUNTRY is recognized as the title deed of ownershlp of the country. That was evident when Rev Wariyapola Sumangala Thera, having seen that the British Union Jack Flag was hoisted before the trusteeship of the country was handed over to the British, came forward and brought it down and hoisted the Sinhale National Flag, stating that the country still belongs to us, since the treaty has not yet been duly signed by the parties.

The British imperialists, who wanted to have their hold in tlle country continued after the independence  with their divide and rule policy, promoted recognition of minorities they have created in the country. The authoritative members of the so called independent government exited by the new status they have got with so much thanks to the British and their education. and not dare to think of the tragic consequences of accommodating minority concept, following the so called democracy and it’s theories added two stripes to represent minorities, to the Sinhale National Flag. As it is ezplained earlier, if the National Flag is the title deed of the country what was done here to the National Flag is something like “”writing  a forged deed, adding ilieginmate ownership of the countIy to two other parties. its consequences were far reaching, and the price paid for is enormous, that no Nation with dignity can afford. Even though the separatists move created initially by the British and continued by the gang of rogue countries calling themselves the international community was militarily defeated, the theoretical and institutional remnants have not been defeated or removed.

That is why the new government meant for remarkable difference for the betterment of the country, having understood folly of previous govenunent is launching an educational program about the real National Flag of the country in connection with the Independence celebrations this time. This is also a bold move to rectify the mistakes of distorting the National Flag by the previous governments.

Therefore this program to explain the importance of restoring the National Flag to its most glorious status of unity and collectivity of the Nation is most welcome. It is certainly the most rightful step towards reconciliation as well. It should be appreciated by the whole Nation.
Gallege Punyawardana

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