The De Lanerolle Brothers pledge support to UMT

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A familiar name to music lovers in Sri Lanka and across the world – Rohan and Ishan De Lanerolle have without doubt carved out a firm niche for themselves, and in the hearts of fans as part of the contemporary Sri Lankan music scene.

With a journey beginning in 2009, the De Lanerolle Brothers with their wide-tonal range and perfect harmony in performance have since climbed from height to height with their portfolio. Sell-out performances on Sri Lankan stages is just the tip of the iceberg – the De Lanerolle Brothers have shared the stage with internationally-celebrated artistes such as Aaron Neville and the Branford Marsalis Quartet, Four time Grammy Award Winner - Olivia Newton John, the Bellamy Brothers, Monroe Powell of the Platters and with Pianists and Classical singers such as Rohan De Silva, Caroline Jaya-Ratnam, Dhilanthi Fernando, Helen Massey, Sarah Hague and more recently with Sabina Cvilak.

The De Lanerolle Brothers are based in Sri Lanka, but are much-sought after performers for international arena as performing music native to theirs. They have to date, individually and collectively performed at music arenas such as the Weill Recital hall, Carnegie Hall; the Asia Society – New York, the Altadena open- air Theatre – Los Angeles, the Shady grove concert Hall – Washington DC, St Paul’s Church – Chicago, St John’s Smith Square, the Sheldonian Theatre, the Adrian Boult Hall, the Solihull Arts Complex – UK, the Kamani  Auditorium – India, the Bentley Music Auditorium – Malaysia and the “Princess Diana Room” of the Castle of the Angers – Germany for audiences ranging from 500 to 50, 000

Being born and bred as Sri Lankan, the Brothers alongside their music also have a deep and abiding love for their Motherland.   In this regard, they have pledged their support as Brand Ambassadors to a cause that is near and dear to their hearts – the fostering of unity and integration through the work of Unity Mission Trust.

The Ekamuthu  Oray Makkal Unity Mission Trust (UMT ) is a non-profit voluntary trust governed by a board of trustees and by a fully volunteer-based executive and an operations committee, which is strengthened by a regional network of youth leaders spread across Sri Lanka as well as by a National Youth Leadership Council.

The Trust has since May 2009, been committed to fostering unity, integration, healing and reconciliation amongst the Youth of the Wanni and their Peers across Sri Lanka.  The Trust uses a platform of personal  capacity and self confidence empowerment and leadership development  at a series of four day residential Unity Camps for 500+ youth at a time, from across Sri Lanka , as well as one-day Regional Unity through Leadership programmes to achieve the end goals of fostering the building of bridges of friendship , unity, integration and healing – all of which is so important for Sri Lanka, particularly as those coming under the ambit of the work of the UMT are youth leaders aged  17 – 20 from across Sri Lanka – the future of our Nation!   The Trust uses  art and art therapy, music, drama, oratory, sports, team building and bonding exercises, and leadership seminars delivered by outstanding Sri Lankans to create the unique platform on which all programmes are conducted.

The Trust has completed 19 major programs since May 2009 to date; has 6,000 youth linked in through nine Regional Councils across Sri Lanka; has a network of 350 partner  schools and has 180 youth leaders between 20 to 25 years, volunteering at the regional level and a core base of volunteers in Colombo as well as an annually-elected National Youth Leadership Council of 18.

The activities of the Trust also encompasses a Annual National Unity and Integration Awards Ceremony to those under 21 years; an English language teaching program; educational scholarships to selected

outstanding  youth  and an annual program ‘ Power One Hundred ‘ to help youth who have completed their A/Ls to  ‘ step out into the world ‘  as well as ‘Ray of Hope’ which is an event that celebrates the beautiful diversity of Sri Lankan culture.

Rohan and Ishan De Lanerolle have stated, “ The new relationship with the UMT enables us to contribute to the future of our Motherland in a new, very meaningful and exciting manner that will uplift and empower the socio-economic development to the current and future generations to develop themselves and the country in the name of unity”.

Bertal Pinto-Jayawardena, the Founder Trustee and Coordinator of the UMT expressed his delight that  two world-renowned sons of Sri Lanka, have joined hands to help create awareness of the work being done to build up equality and unity amongst  sons and daughters of beautiful  Mother Lanka.
All work of the Trust with school students are approved by the Ministry of Education, Ministries of Education of Northern and Southern Provinces; The Governors of North, South and Central Provinces, zonal-educational officers and school principals.

Caring and concerned Sri Lankans can be a part of this effort of fostering the building up of a New Sri Lanka, and in achieving the dreams of re-building unity and integration amongst youth leaders across the Nation,  byaccessing more information on partnership/support opportunities reflected in the website:
For more information please contact:
Ms. Sharanya Sekaram,Head of Media and PR
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(L-R) Sharanya Sekaram (Unity Mission Trust: Head of Media and PR); Bertal Pinto-Jayawardena (Unity Mission Trust: Founder Trustee/Coordinator); Rohan De Lanerolle; Ishan De Lanerolle

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