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Asanki Fernando writes about fashion and maintains a blog where she talks about many fashion-related topics and experiments with various outfits. She currently lives in Australia and shares her thoughts with us this week.

Q. Could you give a few details about your life?
I finished my Masters in Business (specializing in tourism marketing and event management) last year and I’m currently living in Australia and working in the hospitality industry. I am the younger of two siblings. My dad worked in the Sri Lanka Tourist Board for years and he is a freelance journalist, so I think I took after him in both my career and my writing. My interest for reading, travelling and writing was definitely greatly influenced by my father. My family never pressured me into a career they let me explore what I like and do what I want.

Q. How did you become interested in fashion and what challenges did you face when starting your website?
I have always had an unhealthy obsession with fashion but most of my friends don’t share the same passion. The reason I started my blog was so that I can connect with likeminded people who share similar interest and passions as me. My blog is my creative platform where I express myself and talk about everything I love. I had so many people who doubted me when I first said I want to start a blog and I still have people who doubt me but I live to prove them wrong.

Q. What advice would you give anyone interested in joining the field?
When you decide to put your life on social media and open up about your whole life it’s very hard not to be affected by what people think of you. Especially on social media people feel the need to say mean things which they would never say to your face. You need to learn to grow a thick skin and believe in yourself no matter what your followers and readers say. If it’s constructive criticism, by all means take it on board but don’t lose yourself and change the way you think or dress because of someone else’s opinion.

Q. Do you think that the fashion industry is creating an unhealthy image of what beauty is?
Yes and no. What most women, especially young girls, don’t understand is how much photoshop, editing and retouching go into the pictures that are shared by celebrities and magazines. Because of this reason women strive to look a certain way which is far from reality. Women obsess over having the perfect body, the perfect hair, and being perfect but this is all influenced by what the media feeds us. However, more designers and fashion magazines are now leaning towards hiring models that look healthy.

Q. Are there any misconceptions about fashion? Due to social pressure (with regard to clothes and makeup), do you feel females use products and follow styles because they feel they need to?
There are a lot of misconceptions about fashion and beauty mainly because the media tries to feed us their definition of beauty. I see a lot of women following celebrities and buying anything and everything they endorse just in order to look like them or be like them which is not always right. The media, especially social media, influences the younger generation and they feel pressured to buy certain brands. My advice is there is no one definition of beauty and style. What looks good on one person can look completely different on another person because no two people are the same. Don’t follow the herd, find out what suits you and stick to it but don’t be afraid to experiment and break the norm in order to stand out. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way and don’t let the media tell you otherwise.

Q. Does fashion vary from culture to culture or area to area? If so, what audience do you target?
Fashion varies vastly due to cultural differences and religious believes. I respect every different culture but I would never let a culture define or restrict the way I dress or express myself. My style is all about experimenting with trends but having a very minimalist personal style. My closet is filled with neutral colors and easy to style pieces.  I don’t have a specific target audience per se. I mean, I am a Sri Lankan living in Australia so I guess my target audience would be anyone looking to read about fashion trends from around the world. I do however try and show people how to dress according to their body shape which in my case would be how to dress a petite body shape.

Q. Besides fashion, styling and writing, what are your other interests?
What lots of people don’t know about me is that I love reading, especially poetry. This year I have really gotten interested in fitness and health and clean eating and living. And travelling has always been a passion.

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