The Phenomenal Woman

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Who is a woman? How would YOU define her? A human being with the ability to bear children? What society needs to remember is never to define a woman based on her biological structure. Let a woman define herself. She is multi-faceted and she should be allowed to be anyone she wants to be. Now that we’re living in a more progressive society, as opposed to the olden days when women were not even recognized as persons under law, we need to recognize women for their strengths, their vulnerabilities and for their endurance. Every woman has a spark within her, which needs to be ignited and not extinguished. Human nature has compelled us all to label one another and not allow anything that may seem out of the ordinary. By categorizing women according to their race, religion, skin color and profession society is in fact, taking one step backwards. In today’s world, women are often objectified as sexual objects and seldom receive the respect they so deserve.

We need to remember that every woman mirrors a daughter, a sister and a mother. Resorting to violence against women in order to showcase one’s potency or power is nothing to be proud of. It is the most appalling sight one would ever have to see. The woman of today is not the woman that existed an era ago. Today, she is stronger; and could even make the task of carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders look effortless. Today, she has mastered almost all aspects of life, and she will continue to prosper. However, there are times when she is weak and fragile. During times like these, it is up to society to support her, and help her rise above her tribulations.

It is both her family’s and society’s responsibility to stand beside her regardless of the decisions she’s made, and help her set foot on the right track. For instance, if a young woman does not set marriage in her sights - who are we to condemn her and isolate her? Women are independent beings. We have a mind of our own, and if we find that we are self-sufficient, why must society interfere? What if she opts out of motherhood? Does that make her less of a woman? Stigmatizing people for their personal decisions will one day be the downfall of humankind. When we see someone who had the courage to do something we couldn’t, we tend to defame them. This attitude needs to be altered, if not for us - but at least for our future generation.

So, to honor the women around the world who’ve inspired us in magnanimous ways, and by simply being able to wake up the next day with perseverance and commitment, it is evident that one designated day is not adequate. Last Sunday may have been International Women’s Day, but a few words of kindness and gratitude every day to the female heroines of OUR lives would do justice for all the times they rose above the crushing norms of society, for all the times they sacrificed their wellbeing over their loved ones, and for all the times they have been our pillars of strength.

Never let go of the strength that defines you. You are a woman; a phenomenal woman and for this - the world applauds you.

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