Starry, starry night

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After the beautiful sunny day, night comes with the traffic peak hour. Vehicles are moving recklessly and trying to overtake and reach homes as fast as they can as if the world is going to end. There is a saying better late than never. Everyday in newspapers and instant messengers we get accident news due to the reckless drivers. Many innocent lives are lost and yet people are not bothered to slow down.

However, we get fed up travelling during usual traffic time from five to eight in the evening. By the time we reach home from classes or work we feel tired. We hardly get time to see the beautiful sky. The sky is beautiful to see at night time especially on full moon days. The moon is so bright and lighting the dark sky with its beauty. Shining over the lake and illuminating the lake as well. Stars are shining like diamonds in the sky. Clouds are moving towards the moon to cover its beauty. So relaxing and comforting for the soul to see the beautiful night. The cool breeze is chilling our mind from stresses.

The night sight is a natural way of comforting the human body from all the stresses from the day’s work. Even the sea is very calm and slow. The waves can be heard from miles away. Every small sound can be heard from inside the house. The bats and owls are coming out and enjoying the dark. After eleven o’clock the shops are closed. We can hear only the insects chippering. The roads are calm and only few vehicle movements can be heard.

However, when its midnight the dogs are barking and irritating us. It is very difficult to fall asleep sometimes. There are many cities which never sleep. But there are no places in Sri Lanka as such. Only Colombo is very lighted and alive at midnight. The skyscrapers are wonderful with lights and the parks are very relaxing to walk with family members and friends. There are many beautiful places in Colombo which we can enjoy at night time. Many ancient places are rebuilt as shopping complexes and tourist areas. Sri Lanka has its own beauty of nature which is more beautiful at night. 

The places and the atmosphere give more beauty to the night. There may be some places that are not beautiful at night because there are no lights. However, the night has its unique beauty which everyone adores in different ways.

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