Bad health, good results Is it worth it?

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Our lives are plagued with exams and conversations often consist of discussions about exams. Even the thought of exams makes us consider sitting through hours and hours of boring lectures and read page after page of notes, too often photocopied due to our laziness to take down notes. Say you manage to study, make up your mind to sit for a particular exam and feel relieved that you are done with it for the time being, your friends and family will not be reluctant to ask you, pester you, about your results.
Most people claim to not have studied although they seem to stay awake well in to the night cramming and memorizing. It is here that one has to question the purpose of exams.

We are aware that exam results are not a way to measure our intelligence. However, despite not accepting the system as it is, one cannot deny that exams are important. The grading system may not be important to you, but employers, higher educational institutes do hold grades as a way of determining if you are suitable for the position or class you are applying for. Thus we cannot deny that grades are important at some level.

This isn’t, however, a reason to sacrifice your health or passions for examinations and high grades. There are people who sacrifice sleep, meals and their social lives for exams. You may even have friends who deactivate their social media accounts a month or two before exams. There are people who sleep for a few hours a day and limit their diet to caffeine and snacks.

We have given such importance to exams that for some, failing an exam or receiving a low grade amounts to failing at life. You may be lucky to have parents and teachers who don’t pressurize you in any way. You may not think that your future depends solely on your exam results. You may be able to pass exams without having to study much.

However, there is a chance that your life isn’t such. Or maybe your friends or relatives aren’t that fortunate. There is a high chance that you, or someone you know, spend weeks before an exam whining about your impending doom and cramming lesson after lesson into your mind, trying to make sense of your study material.

If you feel drained of energy, weak or exhausted during exam time, it might be time to stop for just a second and ask yourself if it’s worth it. Is there any use in being an A+ student if you aren’t in good health, rarely interact or communicate and don’t enjoy life one bit?

The As, Bs and Cs maybe important. They are important. However, it is also important to live life, to be able to enjoy life and most importantly, to be of good health. Splitting headache, exhaustion, stress and mood swings are signs that you need to pay attention to your health, especially to your mental health.

Society will have its opinions about what you should study. Your parents will guide you and sometimes even instruct you to study certain subjects. However, do not give into the pressures of other people. Choose what you enjoy studying. Choose what you can handle. Don’t forget that your health and life is more important than examinations.

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