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It’s time to celebrate the importance of mothers and their loving and caring nature. We are loved by our mothers even before we are born into this world. A mother loves her child so much. She sacrifices her life for her child. She does everything without complaining.

Let’s make mother’s day special by making our mothers happy. Take her out to her favorite place to spend the day. It could be a park or shopping mall. Give cards with your little wishes and gratitude. The gift could be anything as long as it brings a smile to her face when she sees it.

Mothers are very different from other family members. She is the one who helps us to do our homework when we are young and who put us to sleep. Even after a tired day she never forgets to make sure we get a good night’s rest. Everyday mothers work from the time they wake up till they go to sleep.

There may be many days when she didn’t sleep, for instance when we are not well. Our rude behavior towards her may have made her feel uneasy and sad. Still she will never forget to teach us good manners. We are no longer kids but we are still children to our mothers. Sometimes she will tell us about incidents that happened in our childhood, but she will never complain about all the trouble we gave her when we were small.

We are our mothers’ responsibility. It’s her duty to raise us in the right path. Giving right guidance and supporting us in every difficult situation. Sometimes we feel bad when she scolds us. But have you ever thought how she feels when she is scolding us? She is the one who gave birth to us, fed us and raised us. And still she has to scold us, because she loves us so much that she can’t watch us doing wrong. So she is trying her best to stop us from making the same mistake again.

We thank every stranger who helps us in our day-to-day life. But have we ever said thank you to our mothers for giving birth to us, for the life we are living today, the days she sacrificed for our happiness and the times she encouraged us to believe in our life?
We may meet thousands of people in our life yet we can never compare anyone to our mother. So no matter how busy you are or in which part of the world you’re living don’t forget to celebrate mother’s day by making your mother feel special and happy.
For the wonderful mother who gave me a reason to laugh and believe, happy Mother’s Day.

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