Wrong diagnoses and disastrous remedies

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(For the first time, Tamil people of the North had acted effectively showing why they have to be taken seriously File Photo) (For the first time, Tamil people of the North had acted effectively showing why they have to be taken seriously File Photo)

All of a sudden, the Chief Minister of the Northern Province has shown how much shallow he has been right throughout, with his declaration of Two Nations in One Country, raising the inevitable and unavoidable question about how he would draw the line to identify people affected and then demarcate land to suit his objective. The damage is done and suspicions have been raised. It is totally a misunderstood concept of the word ‘Nation’ and a loose demarcation of the geographical land. It is unbelievable that such a mind that was respected at the highest level of esteem cannot understand that such very attitude alone is unethical as what he is trying to create is unnecessary strife again. It must be clear to all that it is only such people who do not allow the wounds to be healed as they keep on rubbing them.

Camouflaged role
It is obvious that he has become a puppet in the hands of some extremist Tamil Activists who try to carve out a land somewhere and hoist a flag. Why don’t they try to do it to India where the numbers are more? If it happens, the people of Tamil Nadu alone would reject such movements. The weakest spot in the world is Sri Lanka, and we can see what has been shaping up.

The most logical interpretation for the word ‘Nation’ is the ‘People of one geographical land called country’. Historically, the leaders who were responsible among Singhalese and Tamils did not think far and their actions allowed such a gap to appear and it was such sick minds that caused it to become abysmal. It is not the thinking of the common people but the scheming attitudes of some leaders. Those who propagated hatred made the common people suffer by dragging them into a meaningless armed conflict that left no ‘victors’ among the common people of both the Tamil as well as the Singhalese communities. The latest shows that they do not enjoy peace, but pieces.

What is reality?
What is genuinely required are not some identities and fences, but one main goal and that is ‘reconciliation’ which can be achieved only by a ‘Hearts and Minds’ operation. The military conflict ended and that way the bleeding stopped. But, where the  former president failed was directing the nation to correct the mistakes and forge ahead towards a society where there would never be ‘Second Class Citizens’ and every citizen would have equal rights and equal opportunities. Instead, more glorification was done instead of humility and readiness to forget and forgive. He gave lot of hope when he started speaking to people in Tamil areas in Tamil, that was a symbolic way of showing respect But, where more attention was needed, he failed.
Of course, such an ideal could have been achieved only through the ‘Rule of Law’ and that was another area the people were compelled to become doubtful. What a person like the Chief Minister in question should realise is that this is not a situation where ‘Explanations can be found in Law Books’ and ‘Judgments can be given by simple interpretation of laws’ only. The most important aspect that has to be seriously considered is the ‘outcome’  that can be anticipated in an eventuality like somehow realising ‘Two Nations’. Has he ever thought of the ‘socio-economic fall-out’?

He himself is very securely and safely settled within the geographical area’ of the ‘Nation of the Majority Singhalese live’ (I hate to use the term ‘Majority’ or ‘Minority’ but this issue does not permit me to avoid it ). How many such are well settled and engaged in thriving business among the so called and hated ‘majority’? After the war with the terrorists, how many young people have come down to Singhala areas and are getting employment in factories and different kinds of economic ventures? What will happen to those? There is no discrimination that makes them suffer. It is only a sick mind that cannot understand the humanitarian aspects.

How has he conveniently forgotten the fact that the whole economy of Tamil people in the North depends on the possibility of making the best out of the Market Potential in the South while encouraging and attracting more investments for export oriented production? Will not the people in the North be benefited? It goes same for the Eastern Province too.

Unknown history
The only acceptable justification is the ‘Ethnic Harassment’, and there we must convince ourselves about the relevant ‘ethnicity’. This is a very widely misinterpreted aspect. In reality, the people of the North are not pure Tamil People with ‘Ethnic Roots’ but ‘Same Kind of People who inhabited the Land of Lanka over thousands of years and ended up as Singhalese and Tamils.

The first ancestors of Lankan people came to this land with the ‘migrations’ that started in Africa and that happened even before the Indo Aryan migrations that populated India. It was possible as the Indian Sub-continent was linked with Lanka by a narrow Land Bridge where we have the present day “Adam’s Bridge”. It was passable on foot and the largest volumes of more advanced Humans migrated to this land during the last Ice Age during which time the sea - level was very low and the Adam’s Bridge was a clear land bridge.

Some human remains were found at Fa Hiengala ( Fa Hien Cave ) recently and it was observed that the skeletal remains were around 37,000 years old. Such remains and proof about human presence were detected in several parts of the island. That was the base population which grew from strength to strength with the unavoidable influence that came with more advanced people entering this land, from and through Indian Sub-Continent.

The real developed influence from Indian Sub-Continent came very recently compared to the length of the history of this land. The migrations came North Western India, North Eastern India as well as from South India and as a result, we can see features from all those origins. The disappearance of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa civilisation could have been due to a vast exodus and some of those people could have come to Lanka.

When the North Indian migrations took place, they blended with the local tribes that existed. Tamil Kingdoms became powerful later only and some expeditions that came to Lanka influenced the scenario here. When such expeditions came, the people who existed in the North learned to live with the Invading Tamil expeditionary forces. That way the blending continued and it was not unusual for Tamil Princes to come in force to get a foot hold here. But, the South always gathered strength and fought them back and took over the control.

What really happened was the emergence of a ‘community’ that had embraced Tamil Cultural heritage and that was the beginning. At, times, when Singhala Kings became weak, some Tamil Princes ruled both the culturally Tamil communities as well as Singhalese. One such conflict was King Dutugemunu and King Elara clash.

The undeniable reality is the Presence of a People known as ‘Lanka Tamils’ and this is something even British recognised officially. But the irony is that in Sri Lanka we have ‘One People and Two Cultures’. This is an aspect that can be further proved if a serious and a proper DNA test is done.
Best options

For the first time, Tamil People of the North had acted effectively showing why they have to be taken seriously. It is a wrong notion, propagated by Tamil Extremists that Singhalese hate Tamils. There is nothing like that. Even at this moment, Tamil people are everywhere within Sri Lanka. All parties and their leaders, if they really wish to do what is good for the people, they should look for ways to bring happiness to people, and this nation is tired of personal cult in politics.

We are one Nation with One Country.

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