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Shia protester shot dead in Saudi Arabia

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At least one person has been killed and three others injured in clashes between security forces and Shia protesters in eastern Saudi Arabia, activists say.
Issam Mohammed, 22, reportedly died when troops fired live ammunition after demonstrators threw stones at them in al-Awamiya, a town in the Qatif region.
Officials said a security vehicle was shot at and attacked with petrol bombs.
The violence came as UK Prime Minister David Cameron arrived in Saudi Arabia for his first official visit.
Cameron will meet King Abdullah and Crown Prince Nayef, the interior minister, to discuss the strengthening of security, trade and energy ties with the UK, growing tensions with Iran and the civil unrest in Syria.
Saudi investment in the UK is worth more than £62bn ($95bn) and the Gulf kingdom is the UK’s biggest trading partner in the Middle East.
The Saudi Shia news website said  Mohammed had suffered gunshot wounds when security forces opened fire to disperse protesters in al-Awamiya at dawn on Friday, in retaliation for stones being thrown at a security vehicle.
The security forces will deal firmly with all cases and situations that endanger the security and safety of citizens and security forces”
End Quote Interior ministry statement
One of the three injured was shot while trying to drive through a checkpoint at the entrance to the town, the website added. Security forces reportedly sealed off the town after the clashes.
The interior ministry said security forces patrolling al-Awamiya in a vehicle had been attacked with petrol bombs and had caught fire.

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