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Head of the International Center for Political Violence and Terrorism Research at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Prof Rohan Gunaratna says recent arrests in Malaysia where seven out of 14 LTTE suspects arrested were holding the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) cards indicated that the majority who applied for refugee status were not genuine. “The UN should review…
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The future of legal education in the country is set to undergo some significant changes in the coming weeks due to several proposals that are currently being discussed at the highest level. The Council of Legal Education, headed by the Chief Justice, is set to finalize some of the proposals soon.
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The Federation of University Teachers Associations (FUTA) recently announced a token strike alleging that the Higher Education Ministry was still silent on several demands put forward by the union. President, FUTA, Dr. Chandraguptha Thenuwara in an interview to The Nation explained the reason behind the token strike and the situation prevalent within the Higher Education system.
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Yes. The issue of tobacco has been there for years now. We did not have much evidence pertaining to the impact of tobacco until late 1970s and early 80s. However, it took several more years for us to have concrete evidence to show that tobacco was indeed a killer. The first reliable and most important finding came from the US
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Minister of Technology, Research and Atomic Energy and senior member of the Jathika Hela Urumaya, Patali Champika Ranawaka says the operation of casinos would result in grave consequences that would lead the breakdown of moral and ethical values of society while encouraging social evils such as drugs, blackmoney and prostitution. In an interview with The Nation,
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The building blocks of strong regional security cooperation is building strong inter and intra agency collaboration within Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Government should replace its Department Of Immigration and Emigration with a powerful Border Control Agency. With the essential requirement for multilayered security screening of those entering and departing Sri Lankan ports, Sri Lanka Border Control
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Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentary Group Leader, R. Sampanthan says that the Tamil population in the country was opposed to the return of violence. In an exclusive interview to The Nation, MP Sampanthan stated that he was unaware as to whether the LTTE was in fact regrouping in Sri Lanka, but added that the Government should take action if there 
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Terrorism expert, Prof. Rohan Gunaratna says that there has been over half a dozen threats plots by the LTTE's international network targeting Sri Lanka since 2009. In an email interview with The Nation, Prof. Gunaratna said it was important that the overseas infrastructure of the LTTE was dismantled. He also expressed his views on the recent reports of LTTE revival…
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United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Minister Dulles Alahapperuma speaking to the media two weeks back said the finalized list of candidates for the provincial council elections included teachers, lawyers, engineers, etc and the list had the name of a scientist too. The Nation looked for this scientist which the UPFA is going to enlist for the Colombo district.
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Samanmalee Gunasinghe, a council member of the Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia Municipal Council for last one and half decades is contesting for the Provincial Council elections this time representing her party - Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna which she joined several years back as a university student.
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At the moment I am working as an English teacher in Sri Lanka at the British Council, I worked at a couple of private institutes. I do private classes. I am also an actor. I am not a trained actor but I have appeared in a lot of Sri Lankan teledramas, films, television programs, international films being filmed here. I
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Udara Rathnayake is another new face to the political arena. He was known as a budding artiste though his father was a known figure in the cinema industry. Udara a product of DS Senanayake College, graduated from the Sussex University, and later at the University of Colombo. Udara still in his20s says the present social system is dangerously decayed and
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Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) National Organizer and its Media Spokesman, Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe, after 20 years of backstage politics, has come out to contest an election this time. Warnasinghe who hailed from a family which engaged in ‘Leftist Politics’ in 70s contest the PC elections for Colombo District from the ruling United People’s
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Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries I have visited and I have met many people who have been very kind and friendly. I had hoped to be able to get a better picture of what is happening in the ground for myself, but unfortunately this has not been as easy as I hoped. We have been followed
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I first came to Sri Lanka in 2000 by the invitation of the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka (SOSL), as a judge of a soloist competition. Thereafter I have been a regular visitor conducting and travelling in Sri Lanka.  There is a lot of excitement in performing here in Sri Lanka. There is certain uniqueness in the SOSL. This is…
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Sarath Ekanayake, assumed duties as Chief Minister of the Central Province on Friday (11). Ekanayake, who was Chief Minister earlier, was reappointed to the post once again after the United People’s Freedom Alliance’s (UPFA) victory at the recently concluded Central Provincial Council election. There was controversy surrounding his appointment as he came second in the preferential votes list, with
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Former Parliamentarian and newly appointed Chief Minister of the North Western Province Dayasiri Jayasekara says that there was no need to grant Police and Land powers to provincial councils, adding that they were used as propaganda acts by certain Tamil politicians.In an interview with The Nation, Jayasekara squashed speculations that he would crossover to the UNP in the event...
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Parliamentarian and General Secretary of the Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) Douglas Devananda says the implementation of the 13th Amendment holds the solution to the ethnic question, and to issues pertaining to livelihood and land issues in the North.In an interview to The Nation, Devananda speaks of the issues that are faced by the people of the
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Managing Director/CEO of MAS Intimates Ltd and Slimline Ltd Dian Gomes is a go-getter, a leader driven by challenges or by opposition, the latter however it may come his way. Twenty years ago he undertook a challenge to start a business venture, an apparel industry, in Pannala, readying himself for whatever came his way whether it was dealing with angry
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Dr. T Publis Silva loves promoting Sri Lankan cuisine and spreading the word about healthy eating. The journey that the renowned chef commenced in 1957 as a kitchen helper has been long and illustrious. At present he holds the post of Director at Mount Lavinia Hotel, an institute which helped him cut his teeth in the hotel trade and now…
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