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Dhammapada is one of the best-known books of the Pitaka. It is a collection of the teachings of the Buddha expressed in clear and pithy verses. The last page of the Jeans follows the story of Angulimala Thera.  Angulimala was the son of the Royal Counselor (Purohitha) in the court of King Pasenadi of Kosala. His original name was Ahimsaka. He was sent to Taxila, a renowned university town. Ahimsaka was intelligent and was also obedient to his teacher. His teacher loved him very much, and this made other pupils jealous. So, they went to the teacher and falsely reported evil things about Ahimsaka. The teacher believed what the others said, and as  a punishment told Ahimsaka to kill 1,000 men or women and bring their fingers in return he promised to give the boy priceless knowledge. Ahimsaka was very reluctant to take life. However, he agreed to do as he was told.

Ahimsaka was misguided, and didn’t know what was good and evil. So, he started killing people and therefore was named Angulimala. Everyone feared this murderer, but Buddha went in search of him, and helped him realized about his evil deeds. Once, he realized what he was doing is evil, he not only stopped the wrongdoings, but also became a monk following in Buddha’s footsteps. From this day, Angulimala ardently and diligently practiced meditation, and within a short time he attained arahatship.

 Angulimala had done much evil because he did not have good friends. But later, he found good friends and through their help and good advice he had been dedicated and mindful in his practice of the dhamma. Therefore, his evil deeds have been overwhelmed by good. 

Even today, there are evil people who want to turn Ahimsakas to Angulimalas. Be strong to spot those who try to make you do evil deeds and misguide you. Be intelligent enough to recognize them and don’t give in to them. Always think twice before taking people’s advise. Also, remember that a person can become good, no matter how bad he has been in the past.

Until next week
With love
Aunty Kusum

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