The Boy Who Never Grew Up

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Sometimes we all love skimming through a good classic that we simply devoured in our childhood. Just reading it again brings back all the memories, spreading a huge smile across our faces. And no matter what, Peter Pan never fails to do so.

Peter Pan is a children's fictional character created by Scottish author, JM Barrie. Peter, a carefree boy dressed in green, living in a different world from ours, called Neverland, is mainly famous for never growing up. In the stories, he is often busy with a new adventure everyday. Peter Pan made his debut appearance in Barrie's novel, A Little White Bird. There too he remains somewhat the same. Although his age isn't mentioned in other books, Peter is 7 years old in 'A Little White Bird’. 

Peter Pan visits the city of London during the night, with the hope of taking children to the land of Neverland and bringing them back to London before the break of dawn. His loyal friend, Tinker Bell helps him with all the adventures, wars with Captain Hook and more.

The beloved story was inspired by the Llewelyn Davies family, whom JM Barrie maintained  a close friendship. Peter Pan was created to entertain the young Davies boys George and Jack and was later developed into a story.

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