Hot air balloons

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You are sure to have seen hot air balloons, either in real life or in magazines, books or movies. Today, we will make colorful hot air balloons that you can hang on your ceiling. They make excellent decorations.

You’ll need
Colored paper or old wrapping paper
A strip of cardboard

To make things easier, we have cut out a block of the shape we want, which is more or less like a light bulb.

Fold a piece of paper and place the block on the wrapping paper and draw it out.

Cut out the shape and unfold the wrapping paper to find a paper shaped like a hot air balloon.
You’ll need four of them.

Take the strip of cardboard and with the use of sellotape, paste it so it’s a ring.
Paste twine on it as shown in the image.

Paste colored paper on it so it looks pretty. This will be the bucket of the hot air balloon which is for the passengers.

Fold the hot air balloon shaped paper so that the colored side is on the inside.

Apply gum on one side.

Paste the other on it. Look at the image to get a clear idea of how this is done.

Paste two of the paper together, so you have the two sides of the hot air balloon.

Now paste the bucket we made earlier at the bottom of one half, as shown in the image.

Paste twine at the top of the balloon.

Apply glue around the balloon and paste the other side on it.

You now have your very own paper hot air balloon.


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