Dear friends,

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We have to face many challenges in our lives. If you have done something wrong, you shouldn’t be afraid of. We have to face many problems when we grow up. It is nature. There are good and bad people in society. If you have done something wrong, you shouldn’t hide it. Then you can’t learn a lesson and correct the fault.

Because we all know that lies cannot be there forever. Lies will be detected very quickly. Children who don’t have good qualities cannot make their lives comfortable and easy.

There are many friends around us as well as many enemies. When we are surrounded by enemies, they will try to spoil us. So, dear friends, don’t get caught to people who have bad qualities and try to spoil us. They can pretend to be friendly, but try to spoil your whole life. Be careful. Try to avoid such people. Otherwise you will be in great trouble.

All the best!
With love
Your dearest friend
Ranugi Dheerarathne Boswell International College

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