Airhead by Meg Cabot

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Airhead is a teen-fiction novel about a girl named Em Watts, whose life is changed forever when a plasma LED screen TV falls on top of her, (almost) killing her. Emerson Watts, 'Em' for short, is a normal teenager who's obsessed with Journeyquest and would rather spend the whole day playing it than making herself look pretty, something which all the teens do. She has a best friend, Christopher, who is basically the male version of her and an annoying little sister, Frida, who's a fashionista, obssesed with all the celebrities.  

 When Em visits the Stark Megastore for their grand opening, with her sister and Christopher, little did she know that a huge weight would be put upon her. Like literally! Stark's brand image and supermodel, Nikki Howard attends the event too, creating a huge commotion when suddenly people with paintball guns start firing up, making a TV fall down from its holder and right onto Em.
One month later, Em wakes up in another body - Nikki Howard's body! Little by little, Em finds out that she has had a brain transplant and that the real Em Watts was considered dead. So she had to take the role of Nikki as Em's parents have already signed a contract of two million dollars and they would be in big trouble if Em doesn't do what she's told.  While on the other hand, the real Nikki Howard has had an aneurysm attack at the Megastore and she was brain dead. Now it's all upto Em to do all the star-studded stuff that Nikki had done, since the world thought that she was still alive.

Em finally manages to do everything, finding out little secrets that Nikki had not told anyone, getting to know her friend and loft mate, Lulu Collins and living in the world of stardom.
The story is followed up with two more books in the series called Being Nikki and Runaway.

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