Performance Day of Al Iman Schools

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The dawn of the April 4,  a day like no other was to mark an important milestone in the history of Al Iman Schools. The pre-event hype, release of the event trailer and social media updates materialized into a full house at the Bishop’s College auditorium with all tickets sold out –Alhamdulillaah! With the timely arrival of the chief guest Professor Rezvi Sheriff the curtains of GDSL the Performance Day of Al Iman Schools was thus unfastened.

The bilingual welcome note by a budding four-year-old and a seven-year-old in English and Arabic respectively paved the way for the events to unfold. The theme GDSL, derived from a book published by a promising author Hena Khan titled Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns.

Trained under a professional vocal artiste the vocalists displayed their talents when they sang the ‘Beautiful names of Allaah’ and ‘Freedom’ by Maher Zain, with clarity and charisma.The Du’aaQunoot and the orations were beautifully presented and it was emotional to watch ten-year-olds recite it with such fluency and precision.

The Al Iman Talk Show with Raashid and Raasheda was conducted professionally with the hosts confident in their use of iPads to deliver an entertaining show with Dr. Azyan Shafeek and Sheikh Muiz Bukhary. Snow White: An Islamic Tale, an adaptation from a recreation of the classical fable Snow White by Fawzia Gillani, The Mysterious Case of the Missing Ring and the stage adaptation of the famous Long Live the Apple Tree kept the audience entertained.

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