There is nothing like Australia

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It is a 2,969,907 square meters area which makes it the sixth biggest country in the world. Its neighboring countries include Indonesia, east Timor, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Island, Vanuatu and New Zealand. It is an Island filled with huge mountains and forests. The national language is English and the national animal is kangaroo.

Australia is a developed country with beautiful skyscrapers and enormous stadiums. The opera stadium is one of the national symbols of Australia. The largest city is Sydney, and it is also the commercial capital city. It has many historical places as well. Sydney is one of the most-populated cities in the world, and also a city which never goes to sleep.

  Canberra is the capital city of Australia as well as the most famous city for education. It is located in the northern end of Australian territory. There are many universities and colleges. Amongst, University of Canberra is the Australian capital university.

The Melbourne city is famous for the beautiful structures. The Melbourne cricket ground is located in Victoria. It is the 12th largest in the world, the first in Australia and largest cricket ground by capacity. It was opened in 1854. The capacity is 100,024; the record number of attendants; 130,000 were marked on its record book on March 15, 1959.

There are many shopping malls for shopaholics. However, the country is mostly famous for its lovely nature. There are many great theme parks. Luna Park, Wonderland Fun Park and Fun fields are great places to spend the day with family. Children as well as elderly people enjoy its different kinds of rides.

The country is mixed with nature and culture. There are many great mountains which attracts many tourists. This part of the country is green and full of nature with beautiful beaches and gardens. The environment is spectacular with unique wild life.

Australia is a country which everyone loves to visit. For adventure trips, to enjoy the nature, to luxury hotels and to enjoy the holidays, it’s an ideal place for everyone out there. It’s a western country. With great historical places as well. From ancient churches to bridges are located in Australia. 

However, it is also well known for its best cooking. The food is one of the things which everyone gives good comments about. The Master Chef Australia is one of the world’s most famous cooking programs.  The county is very warm and welcoming. People are very friendly and helpful.

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