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UPFA triumphs in PC polls

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The ruling United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) emerged victorious in both the Western and Southern Provinces by a thumping majority. The UPFA emerged victorious by beating the Opposition by a healthy 388,977 votes in the Southern Province and by 683,993 votes in the Western Province, with an overall lead of 932,292.

Accordingly, the UPFA secured 1,363,675 votes in the Western province with 56 seats while the main Opposition United National Party received only 679,682 votes securing 28 seats in the province. Democratic Party has secured nine seats for 208,767 votes while the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) was pushed to fourth place with six seats with only 156,208 votes.

However, when compared to the 2009 poll results, the ruling party had lost 17 seats in both Provinces. Accordingly, the UPFA which secured 68 seats at the 2009 WPC polls only managed to secure 56 this time. In addition, the alliance also lost five seats in the Southern Provincial Council, leading to a combined loss of 17 seats as compared to the previous polls.

Meanwhile, Democratic People’s Front and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress each won two seats securing 51,000 and 49,515 votes respectively. All Ceylon Muslim Congress also won a single seat with 15,491 votes.

In Southern Province, the Freedom Alliance bagged 699,408 votes securing 33 seats, thereby securing 58.06 per cent of the votes. United National Party secured 14 seats having received 310,431 votes. The JVP managed to secure five seats with 109032 votes (9.05%), while the Democratic Party got three seats with 75532 with a percentage of 6.27. Over 6,898,418 people from both the provinces were eligible to vote. Over 3,700 candidates from 25 recognized political parties and 15 independent groups contested for 155 seats in the two provincial councils.

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