Police arrest five with heroin in Colombo & Galle

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The Police have arrested five suspects in possession of heroin from Mount Lavinia, Wattala, Mahabage and Galle within yesterday (23 February).  Among them a female suspect from Galle was arrested in connection with the possession of 1 gram and 150 mili-grams of heroin.

Among the five suspects, two have been arrested at Mount Lavinia. According to the information received by the Divisional Crimes Investigations Unit, in Telawala in Mount Lavinia, one individual in possession of two grams of heroin was arrested. The Mount Lavinia Police also recovered 30 g of heroin in possession of another suspect along with 2 three wheelers and 2 motor bikes that were used to transport heroin.

The other two suspects in possession of 2 g 200mg of heroin and 3g 500 mg of heroin were arrested respectively from Wattala and Mabola area in Mahabage. Meanwhile two individuals in possession of Ganja from Kataragama were arrested yesterday (23 February) according to the information received by the Crimes Eradication Unit during a large scale raid.

The suspects will be produced before the Courts today (24 January). The Police are conducting further investigations.

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