Why no Provincial Ministers in the Eastern PC-CaFFE

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The election monitoring body; CaFFE urges authorities to solve the current crisis regarding the issue of centralization of power by Eastern Provincial Council (EPC) Chief Minister Nazir Ahmad . CaFFE, Executive Director Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon in a letter to the Eastern Provincial Council Governor, Austin Fernando has mentioned that Chief Minister of the Eastern Provincial Council (EPC) and Deputy Leader of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) Nazir Ahmad has not appointed any ministers to the EPC and has centralized all the power with him.

Tennakoon has mentioned that the Chief Minister of the Eastern Provincial Council has not yet appointed the four ministers as required by the Provincial Councils Act and therefore he has violated basic principles of the devolution of power.

According to the Act, a chief minister and four ministers can be appointed and all PCs in Sri Lanka have four ministers. The PC system was created to decentralize power from the centre and when a Chief Minister does not appoint ministers and keeps all the power to himself, it’s a violation of the objectives in establishing a provincial council.

In the letter to the Governor, Tennakoon has also pointed out that the current Chief Minister has stated that he will not appoint ministers until the budget is prepared and that he will divide the ministerial portfolios in a manner similar to a national government. But according to Tennakoon the Chief Minister has not taken steps to discuss this matter with other political parties. 

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