Public sector employees recieve the increased salary from today

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In accordance with the 100 day program the government will be increasing salaries of the public sector employees from today (February 25) onwards.

At a press conference held today (February 25), the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Dr. Harsha De Silva said that in Sri Lanka’ s history, the highest salary increment to the public sector will be offered from today following the 2015 interim budget of the new government.

He remarked that all the public servants will be benefitted by a salary increase of this magnitude.  He further explained, “Currently the basic salary gained by a public servant is Rs. 11,730 and along with the allowance given the salary is Rs. 25,040. But from today the salary of a public servant will exceed more than Rs. 30, 000".

Public Administration and Home Affairs Ministry Secretary Mr. J Dadallage said that current minimum salary obtained by a public servant will exceed Rs. 32, 000 while the maximum salary will exceed Rs. 74, 000.

Dr. Harsha De Silva further added that the salary increment of the public servants also proves the progress of the hundred day program. He also said that discussions are ongoing with the private sector regarding the salary increment of the private sector. He also said that discussions are on the way to introduce a new pension scheme for all the employees of the country including the public in the private sector and for those who do self- employments after their retirement.

He said the budget was ideally made for the majority of the people and not the minute number of high income earners. According to him, the reduced prices in food items and the increase in salaries will let families have more spending money in their hands.

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