Next election will be held under new electoral system - Rajitha

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The next General Election will be held under the newly proposed electoral system, Cabinet Spokesperson Minister Rajitha Senaratne told journalists today. Minister Senaratne further said the decision was taken after the President held lengthy discussions with the Elections Commissioner, Attorney General and the Survey General.

The minister said that during the discussions the Elections Commissioner has promised that he will prepare the system required for the next election, which will be a mixed electoral system. The Elections Commissioner will present the system to the government in a few weeks.

“The Cabinet agreed that the reforms should be completed before the next election”, he said.

He also mentioned the new system will be a fair one and pledged that the government will ensure that no one is sidelined by the new system.

Senaratne also expressed that since the change in the electoral system is something which was promised by the 100-Day program given to the people, it should be implemented.

Last modified on Thursday, 05 March 2015 15:38

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