Dr. Harsha worries over the Opposition's claims on 19th A

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Deputy Minister of Policy Planning, Economic Affairs Dr. Harsha De Silva says that passing the 19th amendment to the Constitution in the Parliament cannot be predicted as the Opposition wants major issues to be changed.

Deputy Minister De Silva in his twitter account said “The President to appoint the Cabinet on the advice of the PM as per the determination by the SC to strike down the original proposal for the PM to appoint the Cabinet; the opposition is saying 'no' and wants the President to keep that power. But the whole argument is to reduce the powers of the President but here to act with consensus. So let us see if there can be a compromise.”

He also mentioned that the Opposition is also asking the Constitutional Council to be comprised only 10 politicians. The original proposal was it to be constituted by seven non-political eminent persons and 3 politicians; PM, Speaker and the Leader of the Opposition. He also added that the Opposition’s demand is completely negating the depolitisization of the CC.

“There seems to be yet another very important technical issue that can derail the 19th Amendment. The Secretary General is apparently, and correctly, of the view that once the 2nd reading of the 19th Amendment is passed with a 2/3rd majority the amendments can be passed with a simple majority. If that is the case then the shape and form of the 19th can be seriously changed at committee stage unless there is agreement on the above two matters prior to the vote.”

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