Politician behind a Karunka deal

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Customs have nabbed around 70 containers of Indonesian areca nut (Karunka or betel nut) while trying to export to India as Sri Lankan products. The Nation learns that the value of one areca nut container could be around Rs.3.5million.

Sources revealed that price of Indonesian areca nut have come down very badly as the no much demand in the world market. In India, Sri Lankan areca nuts has a great demand and some have planned to purchase areca nut at lower prices and import to Sri Lanka and then sell it to India on higher prices as the demand for Lankan products are high.

An official who revealed the fraud said that it is very bad for the country’s image and it also directly affects the trade sector of Sri Lanka. The Nation reliably learns that a high ranking politician of the good governance regime has made approaches to release the containers and make the exporting the areca nut stock to India bit easier.

The officials have not paid attention to the Colombo District politician’s attempt by Friday evening. However, some suspect that everything could be changed while they are at home during the week end. One official also said that if the Customs could check all the yards, the number of areca nut containers with such frauds could go high.

Last modified on Friday, 15 May 2015 20:35

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