Parliament adjourned till tomorrow

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Parliament adjourned till tomorrow 1.00pm after tension flare in House. The Opposition MPs questioned over the delay of the debate on the No-Confidence motion against the CBSL Governor.

Former Ministers Wimal Weerawaansa, Banduala Gunawardene shouted that it cannot be postponed like this as the allegation was national interest. They claimed that the debate should be taken place today itself. Deputy Speaker Chandima Weerakkody adjourned the House 15 minutes initially at 2.15pm again he had to do the same thing 2.30.

Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa was participating in a discussion with a Vietnamese delegation at a committee room and a Party Leaders’ Meeting was held to sort-out the issue. However, the  MPs were back in chambers again at around 3.05pm. Meanwhile, Speaker Rajapaksa has informed that he needs time to study over the case and the Parliament was adjourned until tomorrow 1.00pm.

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