Over 100 arrested after the mob invasion of the Jaffna Court presmises

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About 100 protesters were arrested and two police personnel were reportedly injured following the violence in and around the vicinity of the Jaffna court premises this morning. Police have also arrested several three-wheelers, motor cycles and bicycles were taken in to police custody. A tense situation prevailed at the Jaffna Court premises this morning when some protesters stoned the Court building and the police over an incident where a 17-year-old girl was raped and killed at Punguditivu in Jaffna.

Several vehicles parked inside the court complex were damaged in the mob violence following a protest. Several glass panels inside the court complex were also damaged by the mob that was eventually dispersed after the police were forced to fire tear gasThree suspects were arrested last Friday in connection with the rape and killing of the teenager, whose body with the hands and feet tied, was found with cut injuries on an abandoned block of land near the school. Police had later arrested few others who had some connections with the incident. 

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