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Elected and Rejected

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Same-old, same-old or better?

whatever manner or for reasons, Mahinda Rajapaksa left. It is now up to the new President to deliver, being conscious that this country has a tradition of being misled and abandoned somewhere, and the ordinary citizens should not be blamed for being skeptical, as the people have given the verdict for a change.

 What remains in the minds of the common voters is whether it would turn towards a better era, at least now. Our country suffered enough, mainly because we never had visionaries among our pioneering political leaders who had the access to authority. The majority Sinhalese made it possible for the political parties to come into power without minority votes. This, prevented political leaders from thinking truly ‘national’ as communal features and an unhealthy over confidence prevailed and controlled them. That way the ‘strategies’ to wrest power became more important than the true ‘factors’ involved. This could happen because the Tamil voters did not actively take part in forming policies. The voting pattern of this election is a refreshing change, proving that it was a problem caused by the policies of the Tamil politicians in the past to stay away, while the whole blame was loaded on the Sinhalese.

Historically, the development of ‘communal’ thinking in turn led to the development of tendencies to make the smaller communities to unite against the majority Sinhalese in general. As there was always a gap in what was wanted and what has been achieved so far, the minorities always had some kind of grievance. Due to this and the ignored realities by both the main Sinhalese parties, the gap widened and remained.

Now that separatist military forces had been destroyed within Sri Lanka, the two main factions in the Sinhalese majority resorted to the same strategies like banking on alliances among Sinhalese dominated Political parties and then wooing factions among minorities to gain or preserve power. The result we experienced on 08th of January 2015 was the final outcome of the strategies deployed than the real needs.

When one considers the votes from the North and East cast to elect the New President, against the President who just left, the equation becomes crystal clear. The crucial question is whether the wishes of the minorities were geared towards communal objectives or were they a sincere indication of a willingness to work towards the well being of all the people of this land. Objectives have to be very sincere and clear.

Developmental efforts should have been linked to the ‘Needs of the Nation’, through a ‘Purposefully led Development Process’. The President, who just stepped down, after seeking another ‘Term’, looked more like a Leader who was rejected for bad governance than on the ‘demerits’ of what were planned to be achieved more as a piecemeal set of objectives. The administration he led definitely brought in some development, but not in an ideally balanced manner, addressing the pressing needs of the country. If the true needs of the common people in the North and East were given the priority, without allowing ‘trickling’ effects to solve the problems, the outcome of the votes would have been different.

Now the newly elected President should, above everything else, prevent this country from becoming fragmented. It is not to preserve any hegemony by Sinhalese but to ensure that all the people of this land will have the benefits of all the resources without any discrimination.

Former President achieved peace. His biggest lapse was in not bringing down the ‘Cost of Living’. It was the ‘Bureaucrats’ and ‘Economists with Butler Mentalities’ who prevented the National Economy entering a more realistically productive environment, enhancing the revenues of the people. It was aggravated by the ‘Absence of a Vision’ by the leadership, ensuring that the major objective of providing better living conditions was never achieved.

Deficit Budgeting linked to ‘Lending’ towards Productivity would sound logical, but, if the benefits are expected to ‘trickle down’ to ‘bottom level’, it would happen only in a dream. Due to ‘pressure’ from International Lending Organisations, the gaps were filled by Tax Revenues scraped from the people, directly as well as indirectly. Those Economists and Bureaucrats who balanced the former administration’s statements were misleading the whole system.

The commitment towards upholding Law and Order is really refreshing but it should not be for selective application. It should be done not only because it will punish the ‘wrong doers’ but also as it will be the beginning of an era where such miscreants will not be tolerated. Let the tools of Justice take over.

Main issues will be in bringing a better living for people who have suffered enough from the time of our so called independence. Learn from the mistakes so that they will not be repeated.

The ‘Challenge’ now is that the ‘newly elected has to be better than the rejected’.

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