Collapse of Donetsk airport control tower

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The air traffic control tower at Donetsk Airport has been destroyed by pro-Russian forces surging from two sides against a depleted Ukrainian military. Separatist forces had offered a 5 p.m., local time, deadline (10 a.m. EST) for the government’s soldiers to vacate the airport, but Ukrainian artillery reinforcements have slowed the attack, according to the Ukrainian Independent Information Agency.

The Donetsk airport has been the focal point of continued fighting in Ukraine despite a ceasefire signed in September. A meeting between France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine was due to take place in Astana, Kazakhstan, on Thursday, but in the early hours of Tuesday morning all sides called off the meeting, citing a lack of progress.

According to Liga, a Ukrainian news website, separatist forces were within 400 meters when the control tower fell.

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