Wealth of a New Nation

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(Grandson of Adam Smith)
American Madamulana
Basil’s Madamulana is situated at Los Angelis.

Chinese Poem
O so vast, O so mighty,
The Great River rolls to sea,
Flowers do waves thrash,
Heroes do sands smash,
When all the dreams drain,

Same are loss and gain
This is a part of the theme song of ‘Romance of Three Kingdoms’ a historical Chinese novel.

The cheap acting and the world class cricket
The cricketers are gentlemen only when they are in the field. But outside it when they come to advertising mostly they become cheap actors for inferior or unnecessary products. They do cheap acting because they do not go to see Sinhala dramas where they can find professional acting. In Cricket they are to the international standards but in acting they are even below the local standards. This is true for many cricketers including Sanga, Mahela, Dilshan, Mathews, Marvan and Sanath. The notable and honorable exception is Arjuna.

Tissa Atta got the price and paid the price
Tissa has removed the photo of Ranil which he has kept in his pocket for over 25 years in order to put 25o million rupees into it. Tissa got his price, but had paid the price also.

Three Health Ministers
One Health Minister became a president. Another Health Minster became an Opposition leader. Another Health Minister became a political orphan.

People and politicians
Average people are waiting for the godot. But politicians are waiting for the right moment.

Innocent cat
If you are a man or a woman, a cat is an innocent and charming creature for you. But what is cat for you if you have become a little bird, a squirrel or a mouse.

Cricket and the new game
Cricket is not so popular at the moment. But another game is becoming very popular and getting live coverage of the game through all TV and Radio channels, newspapers and web sites. The game is Hora Police.

Verdict given
Sobhitha Thera has given his verdict on Mohan Peris.

Chandrika Kumaratunga
The happiest woman in Sri Lanka at the moment.

Horoscope defeated
Ranil is stronger than his horoscope or by his intelligence or determination has changed his fate.

Champika’s next book
Champika had been deprived of Power in the last government. But in this government he got not only power but energy too. His next book would be not Power and Power but Power And Energy.

Shashi getting popular
Shashi is getting more publicity than Wimal at the moment, and by the next general election she would be popular enough even to contest from the Colombo District if she is jailed. Then it may be the end of Wimal’s political career.

Geetha ko
Many asks what happened to Tissa. But I am asking what happened to Geetha Kumarasinghe.

The world out side the rugger ground
I think now Namal can think and has the opportunity to think about the world outside the rugger ground.

Another presidential election result
The sataka was defeated by a Modi’s coat.

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