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If good governance is to flourish

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An election has come and gone. The saying goes that good brooms sweep well. And that, by itself, may not mean much but we have to ensure the basics are right. First on the list of good governance has a three-sided meaning. Firstly, all systems must be in place. Secondly, it is essential to maintain the Rule of Law. Thirdly, Transparency of all actions must prevail.

 When  it  comes to new development and work, six matters should fall into place. Firstly, a good public service. Secondly, performance evaluation of those places. Thirdly, there must be a proper plan of action. There is fourthly the question of Leadership for which the correct procedures must be employed. Leadership must be backed, not only with competent people, but fifthly also the process of decision-making has to be streamlined and efficient. Sixthly, it is important that all of the above should be backed by an appropriate Cabinet structure that alone will give the impetus and produce the results desired.

Last but not least, is the separation of power which should always be in place where the executive, judiciary and legislature should not interfere between one another.

My submissions above need hardly be amplified because of past multifarious failures which can be attributed to compromises, disregard and overlooking the need to govern and develop.

There is no need to elaborate on the above submissions as the meanings of the words are common place.

Let us hope that the new leader, in the process of implementing the above, will need some input from civil societies that matter, and which societies need to have interaction and exchange of knowledge with the general public in a manner that should be worked out.

To perform any task, one must have the wherewithal and a proper structure of key elements. That is what I have shown here. You will fail to the extent you ignore any of the above.

I am saying this with 57 years of engineering experience, some knowledge of history and a lot of common sense.

I have foreseen perhaps certain mishaps and given correct predictions which have turned true.

Thilak Wijesinghe
(Founder/ member of the OPA/CIMOGG and the Public Service Engineers Union (forerunner of the current Public Service Engineers Association; former Chairman of the State Development and Construction Corporation; Past President of the Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka)

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