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Impact of minority votes

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A certain minister in the present government is reported to have said that the vote of the minorities did not make any impact in the final outcome of the recently concluded presidential election. He has said that was insignificant, vote base of the minorities being only 12%, it did not make any difference whatsoever. It was rather amusing to note, because anyone with an iota of intelligence would know that it was not so. When one considers the total number of votes polled by each candidate anyone could see that there is not much of a difference between the two where votes are concerned Maithripala Sirisena polled a total of 6,217,162 votes while Mahinda Rajapaksa polled 5,768,090 votes, the difference being a matter of 449,072 votes.

In the Northern Province comprising Jaffna and Vanni districts, where over100% voters are Tamils, Sirisena polled 394,991 votes whereas Rajapaksa polled 108,831 votes, and in the Eastern Province comprising Batticaloa, Digamadulla and Trincomalee districts where over 90% voters are Tamil speaking, Sirisena polled a total of 583,120 votes, while Rajapaksa polled a total of 323,600 votes, the difference being 654,511 votes in favor of Sirisena, that lead alone was more than sufficient to defeat his rival comfortably.
Apart from this when one takes into account the number of votes polled by Sirisena in Nuwara Eliya constituency alone (171,578) where over 70% of the population are Indian Tamils, that too proved to be a crucial as far as the final result was concerned. Facts are stubborn and however one tries to twist them the result will be the same. There is no denying the fact that Sirisena won solely on the strength of the votes of the minorities.

As the saying goes on there is none so blind as the one who refuses to see. It is rather ironical that the candidate who won 90 electoral seats became the loser, and the candidate who won only 70 seats out of total 160 seats ultimately proved to be the winner, a travesty of justice I suppose. There is no doubt that the deciding factor for the defeat of Rajapaksa was the votes of the minorities.

LTTE leader is reported to have said once that the Sinhala people have very short memories, maximum being seven days, and no wonder they defeated the leader who saved the nation from terrorism which was the scourge of the country for 30 long years.

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