World War III is here

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There are still some points that people, who subscribe to the imminent collapse scenario of the USA have not addressed.

1. Enforcement - Yes folks, the 1,000 lb gorilla is bankrupt, who is going to walk up to him and take his banana?

The US is still the reserve currency, its banks still spread fraud across all markets and the US military franchise still has bases in 130 countries. So they have a branch near you.

2. The Gold community needs to revisit the Nixon Gold Shock of 1971. Nixon told the world that all those dollars that he said would be redeemable for gold were now just pieces of paper.

That is equivalent to telling the whole world the USA is bankrupt! And what did the world do? Diddly squat. Uncle Sam opened his trench coat and said check out the fire power, and the world backed away.

Those two facts should be enough for the average gold bug to realize this race will be a marathon not a sprint.

If it isn’t be aware the US has added many weapons to its arsenal since then. The oil weapon, Satellites, Haarp, weather control and with the dissolution of the Warsaw pact, status as the only global super power, until they realised the power of Putin and his fire power.  The Russian Bear Bomber is back watching all of us. Neocons in Washington are wetting their pants.

Did I miss anything? Oh.. yes, Obama is an idiot and his foreign secretary John Kerry is a moron, both these guys have an illness called ‘’ Intellectual Disability”  Dick Cheney is a war criminal and was behind 9/11 he should be in prison or tried for crimes against humanity.

World War 111 is here....  Enjoy it!

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