Doom for motorcyclists as cops look for cover

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Doom  for motorcyclists as cops look for cover Picture courtesy – (AFP)

It is with utter disgust and disdain that through The Nation newspaper I wish to challenge the government, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and the minister supervising police affairs John Amaratunga over the ruling to outlaw the safety of motorcyclists and force them to wear half protection helmets just because the law-enforcement authority needs a scapegoat to cover up their blatant lapses in failing to nab bank robbers who they say commit crime by wearing full face helmets.

There is only one helmet for a motorist any where in the world and this is the full-face cover and under no circumstances can safety be compromised.

What right in the world has the government and its stooges in the police think that motorcyclists can protect themselves by wearing half-secured helmets on notorious Sri Lankan roads where the death rate is as high as an epidemic.

How in hell can the safety of a motorcyclist not be his or her concern and left in the hands of someone else who is not in his or her position.

Did the government, or its “yes men” in the police some of whom are self-styled experts in front of the Media, care to find out the views of experts on road safety or even interview motorcyclists to get their views before abolishing their protection just because the government cannot fight bank robberies. If banks cannot secure their money, which is what banking is about, then they might as well shut down and not be guilty of destroying the lives and limps of motorcyclists who are the most vulnerable of all road users.

Will the government now in order to fight rape castrate all men? Or will Muslim women be banned from wearing full face cover dress as that also conceals a person’s identity and full-protection helmets are to be banned because bank robbers conceal their identity inside these helmets.

Police spokesman Ajith Rohana, the other day in front of television cameras said a motorcyclist needs to protect only the back of his head. This is proof that he has not ridden a bike in his life and thinks he can get away uttering any nonsense for the gullible public just because he is in a police uniform.

By saying that half protection helmets are enough, will the government compensate motorcyclists for losing their eye sight or teeth or can motorcyclists be entitled to sue the government for more.

No where in the world is safety compromised the way it is here in Sri Lanka. This is diabolical hypocrisy.

For too long have people in this country being taken for succors by politicians and their protectors and now it is time that we Sri Lankans stand up to this kind of apartheid that is the scourge and only found in Sri Lanka in the year 2015, an era in which even kindergarten students can teach their parents a thing or two.
C. Jude

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