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Killing of Boris Nemtsov

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Russia’s opposition supporters carry portraits of Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov during a march in central Moscow on March 1, 2015  (AFP) Russia’s opposition supporters carry portraits of Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov during a march in central Moscow on March 1, 2015 (AFP)

Killing of Boris Nemtsov, a strong critic of Putin in Moscow is shocking, sad and highly difficult to figure out, who killed? Why was he killed? And what will be its political fallout for Putin and for Russia as a whole?

This is a microcosmic view. In fact the killing may have deeper meaning. It may have relations with the Ukraine problem where Western countries have come direct head on collision with Putin and Russia. The killing has definitely attracted condemnation from the western world including USA. This is natural but more influential causative factor is that Russian leadership in present time in not of slight liking to west. Hence the killing has attracted wider attention from this part of the world.

The Ukraine issue has potential to balloon into a new cold war. The setting is there and actors are prepared to follow their well decided acts. They know about their diplomatic speaking which they have practiced rigoursly in past few months.

New Cold War’s arrival has been visualized by Gorbachev. In fact it has almost arrived. Putin is strong foe for all western countries. For Putin west is destabilizing the situation in the region. The fallout of killing of Boris Nemtsov hence needs to be seen in this background of newly emerging forces of New Cold War.

The motive of his killing is still unclear. None knows what led to his killing. He was a senior political leader with business interests but his departure is more impactful in the political landscape of the country. His killing has one immediate consequence, now Putin and his regime will come immediately under stress, first by the opposition parties in the country and this will gradually involve the western powers to put more pressure on Putin and his government. In all probabilities it possess the full potential to destabilize the political climate of the country.

Associated with this development is that it will give new shape to New Cold War politics in the region. Western world has objective of restraining Putin. The increased pressure may dilute Putin to be more flexible in his approach towards Ukraine and the region as a whole, a development which west needs.

In this way killing has wider dimension. The domestic pressure always puts regimes under check when they confront any foreign power. Putin must know that social and if law and order situation detoriates in Russia it will provide another chance of strengthening the west. Therefore this aspect requires urgent attention from top administrators of his regime. Putin is a seasoned politician knowing well how to mobilize the administration for better use.

Global politics is always in anarchy as the neo realists define it. The actors are always prepared to serve their interests in the best manner. The killing has pushed the world more in red zone of conflict. New Cold War may take new rapid development if this killing is made use of politically and diplomatically by the concerned actors.

It will be better for the world that the real motive of culprits and the real killers need to be identified and captured earliest, then only a clear picture will emerge about the whole situation. That will provide policy mechanisms for the resolution of prevailing problems in the region. That will be true tribute to a young leader who will be remembered in history with his personal identity.
Courtesy: countercurrents.org

A woman holds a Nemtsov-authored book ‘Confessions of the Rebel’ as she lines up to attend a farewell ceremony to the slain opposition leader Boris Nemtsov in Moscow on March 3, 2015 (AFP)

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