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Wordsworth International Spelling Bee Competition

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Last June 17 my child took part in the above competition held at Wesley College, Colombo 8. He sat as a private candidate with no support from the school or any other academy. He was one of the 30 odd candidates in his age category who got through the State Level (as was known to us). Participants were told that certificates will be posted to given addresses from July 8 onwards. We are yet to receive our one.

We were also informed on that same day that those who got through this stage can sit for the ‘National Level’ in September. Later we received a letter by post with a Bank of Ceylon Kotahena branch saving account number to pay fees. We deposited Rs.3,800 to BOC account and when we produced the bank slips we were given two books to study to sit for the National Level. A few days later we received a call from Genius Academy, Colombo13 (this is the correspondence address that conduced this program). They said that there won’t be any Level held here (the reason was upcoming elections, etc) and that we may take the participant to India for the scheduled International Level in Kodaikanal at the end of October.

Now we cannot afford to go on this unplanned joy ride especially when we know how much support the kids are given in India when competitions as these take place. It’s common occurrence. My son has his monthly Assessment exams at school. Now with the new term in progress I’m afraid he has hardly time to sit and go through the two books we paid Rs.3,800 for.

I feel those in charge, must refund some amount as those two books surely couldn’t cost much in India, or they should go ahead and hold a National Level competition here, so we may dream of Kodaikanal, if our son does well! How many other parents went through this?

Angry Mum

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