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There are about 12 varieties of lotteries under different names to fill the coffers of the treasury. These lottery tickets are mostly purchased by the poor and the middle class. They are not expecting to win millions but a couple of lakhs, though the initial prize starts with a million. But that opportunity is not given at all as the number of ‘drawing balls’ are between 67 to 72 and being further ‘prevented’ the chance by an additional 26 alphabets.

So where is the opportunity of the first prize of that particular week for someone to win it? Even the second consolation cannot be won due to these heavily numbered tickets.

Therefore, it is suggested that a new formula be introduced by reducing the number of balls so as to create winners of two lakhs or five lakhs every week by which there will be 24 winners from all the different lotteries. No doubt the sweep buyers will be highly satisfied by their spending of a paltry 20 rupees. No need to start with a million which ends up in seventy to eighty million rupees.

The huge sums that are being spent for advertisements to boost the sale of tickets too could be avoided as the weekly winners of lakhs of rupees will be themselves a great advertisement.

By winning the snowball colossal amount an ordinary man will be vulnerable for all tragedies including the loss of life. Further, he will not have peace in his life despite of having such a huge lump of money.

The rich rarely try their luck. But ordinary man involves in horse racing by betting a couple of hundreds so as to win a few thousands the following morning. But that small expectation too slips away from them, pushing them into a miserable life. In such a circumstance, the aforesaid two lakhs or five lakhs is really worth for their rupees 20.

‘Scratching lottery’ is, of course, a hara-kiri. Advertising that it has prizes from one lakh to five million is misleading. Instead, prizes are of Rs.20 or Rs.50 only. Why not a lot of 1,000 or 1,500 prizes be offered?

Hope the Ministry of Finance would try this or introduce something better for the ordinary man to find luck in his life.

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